Frequently Asked Questions

While we bring decades of experiences together to help you navigate the recruiting process as well as play at the next level, below are a list of questions and answers to assist you with understanding our player packages and overall services.


Premier Players is a highly effective way to connect you to college coaches from around the world at all levels of basketball. This is an exclusive service where the ratio of college coaches well exceeds the number of players, thus giving you more profile views and exposure. Our focus has always been to find the very best college fit for you, the student-athlete!
If we get thousands of free profiles and 1 paying player, our focus would totally be on the paying player. Since thousands of free profiles would only serve as a distraction, we don’t want them because coaches come to our site for talent – not to spend time searching through thousands of players who are only on the site because of a free profile. Our staff focuses on helping all of our users because that’s what you’ve paid them to do. So we will have less registered players than many recruiting sites, but the best chance for you being seen by college coaches.
No. It would be against NCAA rules to do business as a paid service and guarantee an offer. However, we have full confidence in increasing your opportunity to be recruited by a college program.
This is so you can properly promote yourself on the Premier Players website and stand above the overall crowd. Your Full Player Profile allows college coaches to learn as much as they can about you as a student-athlete when they access your information. This leads to additional interest and contact.
This will allow college coaches to see what events you are participating in during LIVE and DEAD recruiting periods. You will be able to tag these events through your own Player Profile Page, allowing more opportunity for college coaches to view you.
You may add up to 5 video links on your Player Profile Page. We suggest a 3-5 minute yearly high school highlight film, some game footage, and a few videos of fundamental and skills training sessions.
This service is included in our Premier Package only, and we will only communicate necessary updates with the coaches/programs we feel are the best fit for your skills. Updates will be discussed during our calls.
Your initial Skill Rating is conducted by our team. This is completed from the film that you link or send us. We suggest putting highlights, partial or full games, or a combination of both in your video links.
You receive an annual Personalized Evaluation Email from our team, with specific grades, covering multiple skill sets and giving you a list of things to work on to improve your evaluation grade. College coaches will have access to our evaluations.
Our team grades each player and gives an Overall Class Rank based on several criteria that are important to college coaches recruitment.
Our team grades each player and gives an Overall Class Rank based on several criteria that are important to college coaches recruitment.
This could be anything related to the recruiting process along with AAU, high school, showcases, college camps, and NCAA rules questions. Each call is specific to that student-athlete’s own individual journey.
We include every form of communication in our Premier Package. The package includes email, phone, text, and in-person communications.
When you sign up for the Premier Package, we e-mail you a list of questions that could be discussed. We also discuss this process on our phone calls.
A Basic Evaluation will come from your highlights and film. The Full Player Evaluation will be conducted in person, either at an event or the player traveling to us.
From the moment we get your information our scouts get to work assessing your skills, Therefore, there will be no refunds.